W.A.Mozart • piano concert Nr 20



08.08.2019, 19:30hur • Florian-Stadl Andechs


Shows: 8. - 10. - 11. August 2019

Choreography and Direction: Matteo Carvone

Conductor: Hansjörg Albrecht

Pianist: Margarita Oganesjan

Orchestra: Die Münchner Symphoniker

Stagedesign: Thomas Bruner

Costume: Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode

Video: Matteo Carvone / Raphael Kurig INDIVISUALIST

Choreography assistant: Rita Barao Soares

Dancers: Rodrigo Juez Moral, Jamie Nix, Luca Seixas,

David Valencia, Matteo Carvone


Mozart 20 is a commissioned piece for the Carl Orff Fest 2019.


Mozart Piano Concerto n.20, was written and played by W.A.Mozart himself an premiered in Vienna the 11th of February 1785. A particular note of this concerto is that he composed it in a very short time knowing his father would have watched the performance after many years they were not seeing. Mozart’s father has been a fundamental figure for Amadeus as he has been his first teacher. The piece is developed in 3 movements as typical for a concerto of this kind, it’s fulfilled of emotions and dynamical games structured to clearly impress his father. 

It’s clear that with this piece Amadeus wanted to connect with the paternal figure and also show how far he went artistically. 


The piece is designed for 5 male dancers and one live camera. It’s a game of layers.

From the audience point of view at first the orchestra, then on a higher stage level the big piano and behind a gauze curtain, on an even higher stage, the dancers.


The choreographic action take place always behind this curtain. A live camera shooting the dancers the whole 1st and 2nd movements, creating a game between real action and live movie. The dancers has been asked to perform always "profile" to the audience while the projection was showing them frontal.

The costumes has been designed and produced by the Meisterschule für Mode München and they developed them ideas on layers, reversibility and exchangeable elements.


Music has been the mayor focus on this project nevertheless I always worked with the idea of father son relationships.

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