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Imagine a picture of a horse surrounded by lush nature. 

Our brain will consider the horse as the subject and the plants surrounding it as a generic natural space. 

Now, if we removed the horse from the image, what we would probably perceive is a simple 'empty' landscape.  

Plants are a fundamental element of the biosphere, representing more than 80% of Earth's biomass, while humans only make up 0,01%. Why is it, then, that we cannot really see plants?

FLORA is a choreographic exploration of the world of plants as a form of hidden reality that we can’t see, or usually ignore. An exploration of the perception of time, space and interactions that separate us from the language of vegetal species. A journey into hidden underground spaces where human hierarchies and values are liquefied and where different possible forms of communication and relations can be learned. 

What can plants teach us about ourselves? Are plants intelligent or are they just reacting to stimuli? Are we humans really intelligent or do we just react to stimuli as well?

Direction and choreography

Matteo Carvone


Clara Cafiero, Cristian Cucco, David Pallant, Francesco Saverio Cavaliere 


Dr Elizabeth Joyce


Francesco Cocco

Sound design

Antoine Bertin

Video design

Jake Witlen

Light design

Michael Bischoff 

Choreography assistant

Rita Barão Soares


Set design

Francesco Cocco and Matteo Carvone

Recording in the Prelude

Prof. Yossi Yovel and Prof. Lilach Hadany



MCCM - Christophe Maitrejean


Video recording 

Jubal Battisti and Alfonso Fernández


Artistic Production management

Rat&Tat Kulturbüro



A project supported by


Landeshauptstadt München, Kulturreferat 

Gasteig München GmbH

Bayerischer Landesverband für zeitgenössischen Tanz 

Kulturstiftung der Stadtsparkasse München 

Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Monaco

Botanische Garten München-Nymphenburg

Special thanks to:


Max Wagner, Marie Désarménien, the technical departments and the communication offices of Gasteig HP8


Prof. Dr. Gudrun Kadereit

Prinzessin Therese von Bayern-Lehrstuhl für Systematik, Biodiversität & Evolution der Pflanzen

Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München


Dr. Lizzy Joyce 

Prof. Yossi Yovel and Prof. Lilach Hadany


Arte TV

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