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The Hover - duet - 50min

Premiere 29 September 2020

Carl Orff Seal Gasteig, Munich

Direction, video and set design:

Matteo Carvone 



Matteo Carvone in collaboration with the dancers



Guido Badalamenti, David Cahier

Light design:   

Jakob Bogensperger

Sound design:   

Josy Friebel



various artists

Production:   GASTEIG Munich GmbH


The Hover

How would it feel to live in a never-ending holiday?

Waking up on Sunday with no stress of any kind is a blessing but what if the very next day is again a new Sunday? Day after day, a succession of Sundays that repeats endlessly. 


The Hover is a framed sky suspended on top of a little deserted volcanic island, in the middle of which clouds continue to pass unceasingly.

Elusive and unstoppable, those clouds are just symbolising the passage of time.

Conceived and created during the first Lockdown in 2020, "the Hover" is another Carvone's duet where the relationship, both loving and fraternal, between two men is forced into a space from which there is no escape.

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