The Hover

How would it feel to live in a never-ending holiday?

Waking up on Sunday with no stress of any kind is a blessing but what if the very next day is again a new Sunday? Day after day, a succession of Sundays that repeats endlessly. 


The Hover is a framed sky where clouds are incessantly crossing by. There is no danger of a sudden storm; the sun is always shining. 


The piece reflects on a suspended situation, an indestructible perpetuus mobile of actions and affairs which two men are experiencing.


Imagine to get stuck in an elevator with a stranger, for example, the perception of time might get distorted quite quickly but perhaps you would also start to empathies with your new companion of misfortune.


These two men are stuck on a small-uninhabited volcanic island for an unknown period of time. Nothing grows here; they are just waiting for the resolutions of their destinies.


We all just lived a similar experience by watching the sky though a window during this global pandemic. All of us waiting to see what resolutions would come for our individual destinies. 


Freely inspired by Becket’s masterpiece “Waiting for Godot” and the two Shakespeare characters Prospero and Ariel from “the Tempest”. Carvone aims to design a unique evening where the audience can sympathies and project themselves in this surrealistic situation.


29. September 2020 - 20:00h

Carl Orff Saal Gasteig, MUNICH


30. September 2020 - 20:00h

Carl Orff Saal Gasteig, MUNICH

6. November 2020 - 20:00h 

Carl Orff Saal Gasteig, MUNICH


7. November 2020 - 20:00h

Carl Orff Saal Gasteig, MUNICH


8. November 2020 - 18:30h

Carl Orff Saal Gasteig, MUNICH


Direction:   Matteo Carvone 

Choreography:   Matteo Carvone in collaboration with the dancers


Dancers:   Guido Badalamenti, David Cahier

Light design:   Jakob Bogensperger

Sound design:   Josy Friebel

Set design:   Matteo Carvone

Video design:   Matteo Carvone


Music:   various artists

Presenter:   GASTEIG Munich GmbH


Length:   50min