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Schwere ReiterDecember 1 and 220:00 h

Eros is a new solo dance piece choreographed and performed by Matteo Carvone, drawing free inspiration from the eponymous mythical figure. 

At the primordial dawn of time, the universe existed as an infinite abyss of Night. Night, after mating with the Wind, laid a silver egg within the heart of this darkness, and from that egg Eros emerged. 

Despite his name recalling the well-worn stereotype of a cherubic figure with wings and arrows, or the mere notion of human sexuality, Eros transcends such clichéd and romantic imagery. He is a powerful and disquieting deity of creation, bringing illumination to the universe and making all things and creatures visible to one another. Eros possesses the capacity to manipulate and command the thoughts and will of both mortal and divine beings through their hearts. Eros embodies the radical vitality of immortal energy, the very essence of life, and the fervent, penetrating desire that generates new life. 

Eros can be both passionate and fierce, requited and unreciprocated, representing love in its dualistic nature of pure delight and and unadulterated pain: an immense force sought after and simultaneously feared.

Idee, Choreografie und Tanz: Matteo Carvone
Dramaturgie und Bühne: Francesco Cocco | Licht: Jakob Bogensperger | Ton: Daniel Door | Choreografie-Assistentin: Rita Barão Soares

Dokumentation | Film: Alfonso Fernández Sánchez | Foto: Christophe Maitrejean | Grafik: Matteo Carvone

Medienbetreuung: Pfau PR, Christiane Pfau, Tel. 0173 / 947 9935,

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch das Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München, Bayerishen Landesverband für zeitgenössischen Tanz (BLZT) und den Bezirksausschuss 9 Neuhausen- Nymphenburg. Dank an die Tanztendenz, an das Schwere Reiter und an das Rat & Tat Kulturbüro.


Gefördert vom 

Bezirksausschuss 9 


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