The Hover


How would it feel to live in a never-ending holiday?

Waking up on Sunday with no stress of any kind is a blessing but what if the very next day is again a new Sunday? Day after day, a succession of Sundays that repeats endlessly. 


The Hover is a framed sky hanged on top of a little desertic island, in the middle of which clouds continue to pass unceasingly. They are elusive, they are unstoppable, like the passage of time.



Full length video:

Direction:   Matteo Carvone 

Choreography:   Matteo Carvone in collaboration with the dancers


Dancers:   Guido Badalamenti, David Cahier

Light design:   Jakob Bogensperger

Sound design:   Josy Friebel

Set design:   Matteo Carvone

Video design:   Matteo Carvone


Music:   various artists

Presenter:   GASTEIG Munich GmbH


Length:   50min