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Sound and Video installation on 4 LCD screens and 4 channels spatial audio system.

Duration: Loop + 5min film

The sounds were recorded by Prof. Yossi Yovel and Prof. Lilach Hadany of Tel Aviv University. These are real ultrasounds emitted by plants in a state of distress, made audible to human ears by adjusting their frequency.

Voices for the film were created by cloning the voice of Dr Elizabeth Joyce, P
ost-doctoral Researcher at the LMU München, using machine learning.


Like a plant ecosystem, a theatrical production is only possible thanks to the meticulous collaboration of an invisible net of connections, often unseen by the audience.
The prologue’s text was developed from the answers given to a set of questions by those who contributed to the creation of the piece.
From dancers to technicians, from the biologists and botanists of the Nymphenburg Botanical Garden to the administrative personnel of the Gasteig cultural center, all helped to give a voice to FLORA.


Duration: 55min

FLORA is a choreographic exploration of the world of plants as a form of hidden reality that we can't see, or usually ignore. An exploration of the perception of time, space and interactions that separate us from the language of vegetal species. A journey into hidden underground spaces where human hierarchies and values are liquefied and where different possible forms of communication and relations can be learned.
What can plants teach us about ourselves? Are plants intelligent or are they just reacting to stimuli? Are we humans really intelligent or do we just react to stimuli as well?

Direction and choreography: Matteo Carvone

Cast: Clara Cafiero, Cristian Cucco, David Pallant, Francesco Saverio Cavaliere

Voice: Dr. Elizabeth Joyce

Dramaturg: Francesco Cocco

Sound design: Antoine Bertin

Video design: Jake Witlen

Light design: Michael Bischoff 

Set design: Francesco Cocco and Matteo Carvone

Choreography assistant: Rita Barao Soares

Artistic Production management: Rat&Tat Kulturbüro

Video recording: Jubal Battisti

Photo&Graphic designMCCM - Christophe Maitrejean, Matteo Carvone


Landeshauptstadt München, Kulturreferat 

Gasteig Kulturstiftung in cooperation with Gasteig München GmbH

Bayerischer Landesverband für zeitgenössischen Tanz 

Kulturstiftung der Stadtsparkasse München 

Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Monaco

Botanische Garten München-Nymphenburg

With the kind support of Bernd Wendeln


Max Wagner, Marie Désarménien, the technical departments and the communication offices of Gasteig HP8

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Kadereit - Prinzessin Therese von Bayern-Lehrstuhl für Systematik, Biodiversität & Evolution der Pflanzen, LMU München

Dr. Lizzy Joyce 

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